Introducing Core Features Of Personal Trainer Spot

Personal trainer spot is a powerful personal training digital solution that helps personal trainers stay on track with their clients. It is one of the simplest, most efficient personal training software you can implement immediately to help you get more organized.

So instead of having to worry about time-consuming administrative tasks, Personal Trainer Spot Software will help you save a significant amount of time so you can focus more of your efforts on growing your business and helping your clients get results.

 Our all-in-one digital platform includes key features such as client management, scheduling, online booking and payments, nutrition & workout planning, and many more. 

Let’s take an in-depth look at each of these core features below:

Core Features of Personal trainer Spot

1)  Client management

personal trainer spot- online client management

Online Personal Trainer Spot allows you to manage multiple clients in less time easily. The app allows you to track their workouts, fitness progress graphs, and more, all in one centralized location. Their fitness progress graphs will help your clients stay motivated resulting in client retention.

2) On-demand &  Schedule booking 

personal trainer spot online booking

Using online booking or scheduling saves you time, reduces no-shows, and makes it easier for you to communicate with your clients.  This feature gives your client the easiest way to hire a personal trainer via online booking instantly or schedule a trainer booking for future on-demand.

3) Real-time tracking

personal trainer spot- client tracking anywhere

The app will give you features like online tracking of user location and show real-time status.  It will allow you to track your client’s status when they first login, you will receive their current location and exact ETA to reach their destination.

4) Body measurement

monitor your client's fitness

You can monitor your client’s fitness on a weekly basis. You can analyze their exercise routine, before-and-after photos, body stats, nutrition, and graphs. It will help you to track your client fitness progress easily.

5) Communication – In-app chat

communicate with your clients

You can easily communicate with your clients via our free app chat option and keep reminding them of their fitness goals.

6)  Secure online payment

Secure online payment

The app provides a secure gateway for online payment. A customer can easily make an online payment by two ways either they buy a subscription plan and then pay Or they can pay you directly via using their debit or credit card.

Create your account at and try it out for your personal training business. We promise you and your clients will love it.

Introducing Core Features Of Personal Trainer Spot

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