On-Demand Fitness Solution

On-Demand Services Could Be Your Next Business Opportunity

The Next Big strategic move to disrupt the Fitness industry is an unconventional On-demand technology solution, that will redefine the way professional fitness services work like Uber for Fitness.-

Some of the startups like Fitmob, Disrupt Fitness, FitOrbit, etc. have already taken initial steps towards sharing economy. In the same way, many more fitness and personal training startups, have an opportunity to be the first ones to explore the untouched segments, in the On-Demand Fitness services industry. 

This could be easily done with our fully customized technological solutions- Personal Trainer Spot that offers both convenience and quality to the customers, along with a simple management system for entrepreneurs.

On-Demand solutions in the digital marketplace, for a number of On-Demand and Sharing Economy Startups, helping them deliver a more reliable and flexible environment to the clients.

On-Demand Fitness Model

An excellent technological platform, to transform the way Fitness Industry works, as the solution enables you to offer more convenient onsite services to the customers over a mobile application. From scheduling to online booking, payments, nutrition & workout planning customers can request for the most diverse array of fitness experts in the area, all at their fingertips.

To help you discover the possibilities in the On-demand Fitness industry, various business models are listed below.

1. On-demand &  Schedule booking 

Online personal trainer booking

Using online booking or scheduling feature gives the client the easiest way to hire a personal trainer via online booking instantly or schedule a trainer booking for future on-demand just like Uber.

2. Real-time tracking

Track your client location

Just like Uber, you can track your client’s status and when they first login, you will receive their current location and exact ETA to reach their destination.

3. Secure online payment

Secure Online payment via credit card

A customer can easily make an online payment by two ways either they buy a subscription plan and then pay Or they can pay you directly via using their debit or credit card.

4. Communication – In-app chat

Communication - In-app chat

You can easily communicate with your clients via our free app chat option and keep reminding them of their fitness goals.

5. Review and rating system

Review and rating system

The app instills the rating and review feature to help each of its participants to get the best out of each other.


In today’s digital landscape, the mobile app or web-based solution serves as, one of the most reliable, flexible and user-friendly way to schedule fitness sessions with professional trainers.

On-Demand Fitness Solution

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