Boost your personal trainer revenue

“According to the IHRSA (International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association), the $30 billion health and fitness industry in the U.S. has been growing by at least 3 – 4% annually for the last ten years and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.”

As the competition is very high in the fitness industry, to compete with others in the same industry is quite difficult. As a personal trainer/gym instructor/fitness coach if you want to grow your existing business, you need to distinguish yourself from your competition.

There are plenty of ways to diversify your business model, however, the best way to increase your personal training revenue is through an online personal training app like Personal Trainer Spot. 

Personal Trainer Spot is a powerful digital application for personal trainers to help you grow your fitness business and manage clients on the move. With the PersonalTrainer spot app, you can access, focus and manage your clients better. Our app helps you take control of your fitness business, get new clients and nurture your relationship with them.

Why you should use a personal training software

Personal Trainer Spot


Personal training software like PTspot can revolutionize the way you manage your training business. It will save you time and remove all the paperwork hassles that take the most of your time. It provides motivation for both you and your clients and of course, you can boost your revenue.

How to boost your online personal training business?

There are four simple ways to grow your online personal training business:

1)   Follow in the footsteps of already successfully running online training businesses

Choose a few successful online training businesses and take note of how they are marketing their services. Learn what their audience likes about their services and how they are retaining their premium customers.

2)  Never stop updating yourself

Online Personal trainer

To grow as a personal trainer it is very important to learn new things that will help you get better and boost your online training business.

3)  Get flexible with payment plans

Secure online payment

Offer a simple payment method for online payments. It can increase your business revenue.

4)  Make sure your current clients are getting results

Clients fitness result

Your current clients are the ones who are going to help you market your services.  Their success is very important to building your business reputation.


Technology is your best friend when it comes to making more time for clients. It can manage bookings, deal with admin and free up more time for training with clients. And the more time with clients, the bigger your pay package.

Boost Your Personal Training Revenue

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